Our Values


We are experts in our field and follow best industry practice. We do not pretend to do anything we cannot do; we are honest and always tell it 'as it is'.


We adhere strongly to standards and processes because these enhance project discipline and productivity, but we do not become slaves to them. We will consciously take a pragmatic approach to get things done.

People Focus

Successful change programmes require people to 'do things' and to work effectively together. We spend much time as managers ensuring that people on the programme are motivated, effective and challenged. We coach and give feedback to extend their skills.

Strong Communications

Projects are driven by people communicating expectations and feedback. We adopt clear, concise and regular communications with all project stakeholders from team members to board level sponsors.

Paul Frost explains:

"These values reflect those of the people who work for us but also demonstrate the principles that lead to successful projects."

You can find information to help you make your project or change successful in the Links & Resources section.

"Lasting change is a series of compromises. And compromise is all right, as long your values don't change."
Dame Jane Goodall, Anthropologist

"They all share the same consultative, collaborative mindset. They work hard to understand what you are trying to achieve and then make it happen. They focus on the business outcome, the benefit to be derived. They're all about delivery."
David Smith, Director - Strategy & Change, Fujitsu Services
"Paul brings a level of rigour – not rigour for the sake of it – rigour and discipline appropriate to what you're doing. I'd recommend him for any business change programme."
Michelle Luck, Director of Global Financial Services, Elsevier