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Failure is Not an Option by Gene Kranz

Gene Kranz directed the successful Mission Control team efforts to save the crew of Apollo 13. His story is a fantastic example of how to manage your way out of a crisis.


Good to Great by Jim Collins

In my view, the number one book on leadership. His approach to building teams is something we should all adopt.


Making Change Happen by Jane Northcote

Great for anyone who wants to know how to put change into practice. Jane's simple, pragmatic approach is very refreshing.


12 Angry Men

This gripping courtroom drama is a great visual demonstration of how to use different styles to influence people.


The Art of Captaincy by Mike Brearley

If you are not a cricket fan, Mike Brearley was the English captain who won the Ashes in 1981. He led the English team from certain defeat to a series victory against Australia by getting the very best out of cricket stars such as Ian Botham and Bob Willis. Brearley's work is equally applicable to the drive for success in any field and the man-management skills required of any successful business leader.



Leslie Matile

I recommend Leslie Matile if you want powerful personal coaching or if your organisation is adopting a coaching-based ethos.


Jane Northcote

If your organisation wants to deliver change I recommend Jane Northcote. Jane brings a rigorous and organised approach to projects and meetings to help you implement business change.


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Alexander Pope, Poet

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Project Sponsor, Astra Zeneca
"Programme and project management is a skill. Others can direct but you need someone to provide the rigour, the structure and the thinking to help you reach your destination."
Michelle Luck, Director of Global Financial Services, Elsevier