Paul Frost and his Associates will help you to deliver your change.

Our services include:


Project and Programme Management

Paul and his Associates have a strong track record in successful delivery of large, complex, multi-million pound projects and programmes.

We have experience of the full project lifecycle; from requirements capture and business case generation through to technical and business change implementation. We can:

Business Change Management

Projects will often just deliver 'capability' in the form of new systems, tools or processes.

To realise the benefits from these you need to manage the implementation and 'people change' so that these new approaches are used effectively, confidently and with enthusiasm. Paul Frost and his Associates are all experts at realising how actual benefits are obtained. We can manage the business change stage of any initiative.

We can:

Skills Improvement for Project Managers

Project management skills are 20% learnt in the classroom and 80% learnt on the job. Formal training is best received via traditional project and programme management courses.

Paul Frost and his Associates can then provide the other 80% to develop the deeper skills that effective project managers require.

We can:


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"Don't do a project where you don't think you'll learn something on the way."
Jim Coudal, Author and Designer

"I would recommend Paul to anyone who needs a professional programme manager."
Vice President, Accenture
"Paul is brilliant at homing in on the issues that derail a project."
Associate Director, Cap Gemini
"I'd recommend Paul for building a capability in the project space."
Deputy Deployment Director, IT Services and Solutions Company
"Paul provides good mentorship for other project managers."
Michelle Luck, Director of Global Financial Services, Elsevier